Tenderly Discord Server

Tenderly Discord Server

In This Part Of the Discord Site, Be Introduced To The Discord Server Called Tenderly

Крупнейший СНГ сервер. Без накрученых ботов и не адекватной администрации. Только у нас пиковый ежедневный онлайн 400 человек. Присоединяйся!

Tenderly Discord Server List

This Discord Server With The Theme Of Games Anime Community Is a Suitable Place For Talking And Activities Of All People In Different Ages, Which Has Public And Private Channels

News – main news and server updates 💌
Information – basic server information 📌
Sponsors – information for our sponsors 💰
Friends are friends of our server 🤝
Events – announcements of server events 🎉
Teams – teams of bots 🤖
Signals – Signals of our server members 📸
Communication is the main chat for communication 💬
Cart – use bot commands here 📮
Search-players – search for teammates to play together 👬
Clan search – chat for clan search 🎒
Dating – here you can find your soul mate 💞
Webm – video memes of our server 🎬
Music – chat for teams of music bots 🎶

Custom Role Tenderly

Issued for active use of the webcam 📷
Indicator of the user’s lamp intensity. More details ☁️
Support with Nitro server boost 🚀
Server friends 🤝
Is the role of the musician 🎵
Users who made a signal for the server 🌸
Being active at night 🌙
7M + 500h on the server 😎
Is an indicator of user adequacy. Submit your application 🔑
Awarded for winning a global event 🏆
Issued upon purchase. love room 💕
Notifications about upcoming events 🎲
Is an indicator of the user’s knowledge 🧠

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