Addicted Discord Server

Addicted Discord Server

In This Part Of the Discord Site, Be Introduced To The Discord Server Called Addicted

 Addicted is a fun social 18+ community for those looking to play Among us / Codenames / Jackbox or chilling in the lounge, Active Staff.

Addicted Discord Server List

This Discord Server With The Theme Of Game And Among Us Is a Suitable Place For Talking And Activities Of All People In Different Ages, Which Has Public And Private Channels

Forget about playing with those little kids, if you are here to play with other adults, this is for you!

This server is for those looking to play Among us with other players or fun party games like codenames, jackbox, etc…! 18+ required as well as voice chat/mic required! Have fun!

It is also a server to meet other cool people, females & males as we have self roles and lounge for others to socialize in!

Extremely Active Staff that plays in Addicted 18+ daily!

Amazing staff who enforce rules & ban members who break them! A lot of servers have inactive staff that do not reply and let trolls, troublemakers, & rule breakers stay in there server. Our job is to ensure a safe & fun community for those who join Amxng Us!

Server Boosts!

Active Community!

Responsive owner and staff!

Friendly Community!

Lounge for hanging out aswell!

Active chats!

Self colour roles!

Self roles!

Events & Giveways!

Selfies text channels!

Custom emojis!

Rythm bot to listen to music in the lounge!

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